Based in Canada, Italy and Singapore we are a team of international creatives possessing collective skills from design, illustration, marketing and branding backgrounds. Veeka is a passion project for all of us, we see it as a creative outlet that has allowed our passion and creativity to flourish outside of our nine to five jobs.


Veeka America

Michael Giles

After perfecting a steep learning curve with his first forray into the cycling industry (retired glove company “Gantoli”) and the skills learned of over a decade of design and manufacturing experience from design/build company Furni, he’s honed his skills at what is needed to create a strong team, great product and loyal brand.

Veeka Europe

Luca Gentile 

I am a freelance graphic and web designer as well as Editor in Chief of the blog in which I cover design, fashion and lifestyle. Together with some friends, I founded the “Ciclibigchief” vintage bike racing team and take part in yearly competitions such as “L’Eroica”.

Veeka Asia

Bjorn Yeo
Yeow Yeong
Sumi Hie
Martijn Valk

Bjorn spent his past life building brands for others. He has now decided to bring this experience to something that he loves and believes in. Cycling is as much an expression of style as it is a way of life, and he will ensure that Veeka will be sitting pretty at the intersection of fashion and function.


Yeow Yeong

Yeow obsesses with the latest in fashion, poring over magazines and blogs to ensure that he is always at the forefront of what is the latest and hippest. Now his goal is to ensure that Veeka gets on the magazines and blogs that he reads, creating the trends for others to follow.


Sumi Hie

Sumi has had a long history with cycling, from falling off her first toddler tricycle to her hours spent on her ‘one true love’, a Van Moof 3.2; this is a life-long affair. She brings with her passion and unmatched enthusiasm and personally tries on every product that Veeka produces before releasing them into the wild.


Martijn Valk

Martijn is cycle crazy. He cycles everyday not only to get from point A to B, but cycling also affords him his third cheesecake of the day. AND he thinks he looks damn good doing it. Channeling his passion into Veeka means creating products that are beautifully built and awesomely styled.